When Phillip went to investigate the space ship he saw crash, he wasn’t planning on discovering an unconscious green woman All he was tryin.g to do was mess with the Bigfoot hunters who were after him. But seeing his outer space beauty, he knows that she can’t be captured or she end up on the military’s dissection table.

Alika never planned on crashing to Earth. Upon waking she discovers a large, hairy beast, with intelligent eyes who wishes to help her. Once they figure out how to communicate their goals are united. Get her off the planet before the military finds her.

Although Phillip wants to help Alika, he finds himself caring for her. Can she reciprocate his feelings? What happens when she leaves? As the army draws nearer, Phillip will do anything for his green skinned alien even if it means giving up everything.

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Excerpt from "Hairy & Hung"

She got up from the bed and crossed the cave to stand before him. He was over seven feet tall, and her head came to the center of his torso. She realized that he could do her real damage. His hand could encompass her head. Those nails could shred skin through to the muscle if they wanted. And yet, Alika knew that he would never hurt her. She placed a hand on his chest, feeling the coarse fur of his pelt. Phillip was remarkably clean, with no insects in his hair or clumps of dirt. She did admire that. I guess I was wrong about him eating some parasite before. He jumped at her touch. Alika slid her fingers over the hardness of his abdomen, touching the man underneath.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

She gazed into his deep brown eyes and smiled. “Are you functional?”

Confusion lit his thoughts. “What do you mean?”

Alika slid her hand lower over his stomach to his groin, and she felt the semierect shaft and his balls hidden behind a deeper patch of fur. She was happy to discover that his shaft was hairless. She had been mounted by creatures with hairy pricks in the past. It was very uncomfortable with the hair jabbing her in all the wrong places when all she wanted was a pleasant experience. Alika stroked his cock a few times until she felt it firm up. Her smile widened before she looked him in the eye. “You are functional.”

A blast of fury seared her mind, and Phillip pulled away from her. “I am functional, as you say, but you don’t have the right to touch me so.”

She shook her head, not understanding why he was fighting her. “You have been alone for so long. Your mate has gone on. Surely you must yearn for companionship. Let me give that to you while I’m here. To show my appreciation for you saving me.” “I won’t have you pitying me. Why would you desire me in this form?”

“There is no pity,” she said, stripping off the fabric around her and standing before him naked. Alika ran her fingers over her breasts and pinched her nipples until they were pert. From his thoughts, she knew that he was attracted to her. From the reaction of his dick pointing at her, she knew that he desired her. She swayed her hips and banished the distance between them, pressing her body against his. His thick pelt scratched her in a good way and made her warm in the chilly cave. She slid her hand over his length again, took one of his hands, and placed it on her breast. “I find you pleasing in both forms. I enjoy big, strong men. So do many women on my planet. Goddess Dirvan knows that there aren’t enough to go around. You would do quite well there, have many women waiting to pleasure you. We are a population where only one male child is born in ten thousand. Come now, Phillip. Let me do this for you.” She stood up on tiptoe and pushed her lips into his.






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