What would you do if a naked god appeared in your bed?

Every spell Kalli casts lately backfires. Going to bed disgusted, she awakes to find a gorgeous, naked man in her bed. The witch discovers that her naked burglar is a god named Lugh. Kalliope yearns to be touched by him, but before that can happen, another prowler comes into her life. Cromm, a death god, arrives to collect on a promise made before she was born.

While trying to escape Cromm, she finds herself spirited away to a realm of gods and goblins. There, Lugh’s ex-lover captures Kalli, keeping her prisoner in an oak tree. While captive, Kalliope meets a goddess who gives her three magickal apples. From the first bite, her world changes forever.

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Excerpt from "Gods and Goblins, Oh My!"

Something tickled the side of her face. It drew her into half-wakefulness, but not enough to force her to leave her dream about the naked man she had met in the woods. He really had made an impression. He was in the middle of giving her a massage that was leading to other things.


The sound came from her dream man’s lips. She smiled at the way his mouth formed the syllables of her name. It made her quiver inside. His hands were firm on her shoulders, easing the tension out of the deepest muscles. He sat on top of her, digging his fingers into her back. His hot, firm member poked against her rear. The faint smell of pine lingered around him. God, he knew what he was doing.

“Harder,” she whispered.

He chuckled. His fingers plowed into the lines of her neck, relaxing the spaces between her vertebrae. His breath hot against her cheek, her dream man smelled so good, a combination of fresh rain and musk. The touch of his fingers stirred her passions. The massage he was giving her was amazing, but she wanted more.

She endured a few more strokes of his palms and then turned over, staring into his eyes. Rising up, Kalliope locked her lips to his. He stiffened, seeming surprised she had kissed him. She had wondered if he was ever going to, but hey, this was her dream, so she could do whatever she wanted.

Her hands entwined in his hair until he responded to her lips. His hands cupped her butt, getting a firm hold. He was erect and warm against her inner thigh. All she had to do was move a little and he would be buried inside of her. His fingers tickled along her back and his lips traced the line of her jaw. Meanwhile, she pressed herself into him, feeling the lines of his stomach. Her breasts fit perfectly against his pecks. Everything on him was defined muscle. Kalliope had never had anyone like him.

Her dream man’s hands played with her hair and his lips nipped the hollow of her throat.

“Kalliope.” This time, when he whispered her name, she realized she was more awake than she’d thought. The caresses she felt were not just from her dream. Comprehension brought her to consciousness. A jolt of fear, anxiety, and surprise ran through her. Oak leaf green eyes stared down at her. The heat from his body warmed the sheets and radiated onto her, making her very aware of him. She scrambled out from underneath the covers and escaped the bed.

A man in my bed! Oh my goddess! How did he get in here?

“You! What are you doing in my bed?” She gasped.

He was propped up on one arm with the sheet draped over half of his chest, covering his lower anatomy. His tanned skin shone in the low light of her nightlight. His face was firm with a rounded jaw, defined nose, and perfect teeth. His dark brown tousled hair had highlights of red and gold woven through it and curled around his ears, touching the top of his shoulders. For a long moment, Kalliope stared at him. He didn’t blink, and he studied her just as she did him. She recalled her dream and felt her cheeks redden. The aroma of pine and fresh air filled the room. For a split second, all her anxiety and doubt melted away. Calmness and serenity overwhelmed her. His smile widened, and he patted the place on the bed she had leapt from.





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