Some dreams you just don't want to wake from.

Penelope wakes from her fevered dreams of being pleasured by a mysterious man only to remain frustrated in her waking state. She hides behind the walls of her home because she is an empath always feeling what others feel and making relationships impossible. Razziel is an angel who has become infatuated with Penelope enough to delve into her dreams and pleasure her. Now he wishes to pursue her on Earth. Only to do that, he wonders if it will set him on the path of the Fallen, angels pushed from Heaven.

When he goes to confront her about his emerging emotions, he saves her from a daemon set on bringing her back to his master the Grigori. Penelope can’t believe her eyes when her dream man steps into reality only to discover he is something more than a man. And no matter how much he professes love, she can’t feel it. But when another daemon comes to capture Penelope, Razziel will do anything to save her. Even making a horrible choice that could push him from Heaven for all time.

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Excerpt from "Craving Penelope"

“I’ll never understand your enthrallment with them.” Lemiel shook his head.

Razziel glanced at his brother angel, who peered into the viewing pool at the fading form of the human woman whose dream he had just entered. An amused smile played across the other angel’s lips and lit up his violet eyes. He trailed a hand through his silver hair before crossing his hands over his chest and waited for a reply. Any answer Razziel could give would not satisfy the angel.

“Humans are fascinating creatures. They don’t know half of their potential,” Razziel answered.

“And this one does?”

He gazed at the pool and tried to come up with a believable response to explain why he was enamored with this particular female. “No.”

Lemiel smiled. “There must be something about her, because you’ve visited this one before.”

“I’m not sure what you mean. They’re all the same to me.”

The other angel clapped him on the back. “Brother, you’ve always been a horrible liar. So tell me, why this female? Unless you don’t mind me finding out for myself.”

“Don’t you dare touch her,” he snapped. Razziel shoved the other angel away from him so that he stumbled and fell into the water. The fury he felt at the comment enraged him, heating his skin. The emotion was uncomfortable and something he was not used to experiencing. He took a deep breath, trying to cleanse the reaction from his system. And yet, when he thought about Lemiel touching Penelope, it only branded the feelings deeper inside his veins.

Lemiel stood up and chuckled. With a snap of his fingers, he was dry once more. “You have feelings for this woman. I can see it in your eyes.”

“Nonsense. Angels care nothing for humans. We watch them, guide them along their paths, and at times intervene when we’re given the order to. We do not form attachments to them.”

“Ahh...but you’re not thinking about the others. All those we’re not supposed to mention.”

Razziel’s eyes widened. He glanced around to see if they were truly alone. “You speak of the Fallen. How could you even suggest I’m in the same category?”

“I’m not, brother, but you may wish to explore the moniker.”

“Why do you say that?”

The other angel winked and disappeared, leaving Razziel wondering what he meant.





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