Krampus is forging bells for the oncoming holiday season when Nyx, the Incarnation of night, informs him there’s a new Incarnation in town. Samhain wants to meet up with Krampus because he’s into rocking Krampus’s world. However, something is eating away Samhain’s realm. Krampus is the only who can discover what’s happening so the darkness doesn’t spread to the other realms. As he investigates, an old foe rears his head determined to take out Krampus.

Krampus must save Samhain’s realm and see how thankful the other Incarnation really is.







" I love Krampus because he is pansexual with a devious mind. His open and honest loving is refreshing. His partners are all varied and alluring. He is the anti-hero with a heart of gold and a sex drive like the Energizer Bunny. What's not to like? Krampus may be distracted by sex at times, but he always comes down to the issue and solves it. His moral code is not what one would normally consider as on the side of "right". Still, he does what is right and without any fuss or muss. I like how he does not play favourites and seems to be more well balanced in his deals with others. Given a choice between Santa and Krampus, I go with Krampus in this series."

Excerpt from "Forging Krampus"

Emerald snuggled closer. The blue teardrop necklace Krampus had given her glowed in the darkness. He kissed her between her horns. She murmured something in her sleep. Something had awoken him from a good dream. Tasty sugar plums fell into his nets and human meat pies adorned his table. Emerald danced around him naked while serving him squirming gingerbread men. Her breasts were covered in whipped cream and he had been about to lick them when something stirred him from his slumber. At first, he didn't realize it was a bell.

What in the hell? He climbed out of bed and slipped on his robe. The sound grew more insistent as he walked downstairs to the tall evergreen tree in the living room. It was decorated with bells. Each one possessed a twin in the human world. When one rang, it was because some human had gotten ahold of one of his bells. Usually a dozen bells or so rang a year. He tracked down each one and dealt with those who rang them.

Krampus snapped his fingers. The bell lifted from the branch and reappeared in his palm. The design on the bell's body was of him torturing humans with his whip. He smirked as he thought about it. His power was growing as the season turned toward winter. He could feel it in the air around him. Even his tree was greener as autumn set in. Summer tried to rear her head once more. Winter dueled with her and was winning. Krampus wondered how Autumn felt being in the middle of the war.

With the bell in working order, Krampus closed his eyes, focused on the bell's counterpart in the mortal world, and sensed someone on the other end. They didn't feel human.

"Hey." Emerald's arms looped around his waist. Her fingers snuck underneath his robe. "I missed you in bed."

"I heard one of the bells."

"I didn't hear anything. Are you sure it was one of your bells?" She stroked his prick until he stirred once more.

He trailed his fingers over one of her nipples and touched the stone. "This brings out the color of your cheeks."

"I love it. Where did you get it again?"

"Found it among some old things when I was moving boxes around the other day in the forge. I thought you might like it."

"I don't plan on taking it off."

"What about other things?"

"What about the bells?" she countered.

"I'm sure there's someone on the other end ringing it. Fuck, woman." Krampus closed his eyes and thought about nothing more than how her hand slid along his cock. She pressed against him until he moaned. He closed his hand over the bell and crushed it. It dropped to the floor with a heavy clunk. Emerald worked him faster until his hips bucked forward. He was close to coming, but she stopped. Emerald went to her knees before him. She took his shaft in her mouth and sucked all of him in. Krampus grabbed her horns as her head bobbed. Emerald moved her tongue around his length. She had done this to him the other night, but only after he made her scream his name five times.

He clutched her horns as the pleasure rode up in him. The coldness of his power lingered in his fingertips. Krampus rocked his hips.

"Master?" the gingerbread man asked timidly.

"Fuck. What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?" Krampus bellowed.

"Forgive me, someone's come to see you."

He glanced at the gingerbread servant. It was a fresh one Emerald had made the other day. Its raisin eyes were bright. Its teeth were sharp underneath the white frosting mouth. His green gumdrop buttons glistened in the morning light. As the rays passed through the crystalized sugar, rainbows hit the walls. "Who is it?"

"Nyx. She's in the study. I was cleaning and she appeared. I can tell her to go if you like."

Emerald stopped sucking his cock and glanced up with amusement in her eyes. Her lips twitched into a smile. "Go ahead. I have to start cooking for the day to feed my furry employer. He has me slaving away in the kitchen making gingerbread cookies that come to life. How odd is that?"





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