Jet is ordered to keep an eye on Paget. Once she touches him, her frosty caress opens his heart to her. He must prove his innocence that he didn’t kill her uncle, but before he can, he must find the Shadows that are out to kill her.

Paget can’t get her uncle’s murderer out of her mind. Something about him melts her frozen heart, and she finds herself falling in love with him. Her icy suitor, Malik, wants her all to himself. Before he can claim her, the Shadows attack and the only one to save her is Jet.

Excerpt from "Frost Fever"

Paget stood in the guest room diagonal from the bathroom. Steam wafted out from the crack in the door. She bit her lip and couldn’t help but watch Jet undress and then examine himself in the mirror. Seeing him completely naked made her mouth water. When he had been telling her his story, she could see the details of the picture that he painted. She wanted to know what his life had been like when he’d been back in Japan. It was evident that he had loved his wife. It was also true that he cared for her. She sensed his passion for her and it stirred the coldness from her heart. She wanted him so bad, but she was leery. Her power had nearly gone haywire before and she had felt the fey so close and freezing her blood. He had pulled the power into himself and brought her back. Jet had done that for her without asking. He desired her, but he didn’t want to take advantage of her either. They were both tiptoeing around one another. Pulling her power around herself, she knew it would hasten her decent into her heritage. She didn’t want the coldness of the fey life only the warmth that Jet offered. What would he say if I went in there? I want him holding me. Why am I standing here in the Grey and not in there with him? She saw the world with different eyes and even felt the steam in the Grey and the pull between them.

Paget bit her lip and knew what she had to do, what she wanted to do. She let herself go back into the real world and drew in a breath. She stripped quickly and set her clothes on the bed. Slipping into the bathroom, the warm vapor wrapped around her, trying to freeze in the air. Inside the shower, she heard Jet singing in a language she didn’t understand, but the tone was very sad.

She wrapped her power around her and stepped into the shower into the Grey so she was a ghost to him. His wet hair clung to his skin and the muscles rippled in his back. His ass was firm and she wanted to cup it and squeeze it. It was everything she had imagined. Her nipples tightened in anticipation, but she wasn’t sure what he would say with her being in the shower with him.

Jet turned and she saw the tattoolike brand that was on his shoulder. And then there were the three gouges diagonally over his heart. The scars were old and smooth. Once her fingers brushed his skin, he stopped.

“Who’s there?” His muscles tensed. He wiped the soap from his eyes and stared intently at her, but he didn’t see her. She leaned in close and began kissing his chest. With the first one, she put a little push of her power behind it and watched the water freeze. Small goose bumps rose on his flesh. His nipples hardened. She kissed him again, but he didn’t relax. Paget licked her way up his chest, her tongue caressing the scars that he bore over his heart. He moaned and the more power she put behind her touches, the more he began to quake.

She worked up his neck and kissed the side of it. She wasn’t able to taste him, only feel him next to her. She was every bit a ghost to him as he was to her. Paget glanced down and saw his growing erection standing out before him. The water blasted over him, but with her power, he was colder than the air so he was steaming. She touched his shaft, freezing it. He stumbled and grabbed the wall for support.

“Paget, please, if that’s you. You can’t keep doing that.”

She loved to see him suffer. It was nice knowing that she had that much power over him. Malik always had the power over her. She’d never been able to enjoy herself completely when she’d made love. The last time had been a long time ago. The first time she tried, the man had gotten frost bite. The other one, Noah. Her heart stung thinking of him. She had killed him with her kisses and touches. That was one of the reasons she had started wearing gloves. Because of that, she’d spiraled into a depression that resulted in the cuts on her arms.

She began stroking Jet more. His fists clenched at his sides and he was breathing heavy. Cupping his balls, she began sucking on his nipples. She ran her tongue over one and felt it contract against her tongue. Seeing him suffer was getting her hot and she found it hard to focus on staying hidden. Her power wavered and the heat of the shower blasted against her. The water ran over her back and began to wind through her hair. His nipple was hard against her tongue and she could feel the warmth of his flesh. Jet’s fingers wove into her hair. She looked up and gave him a smile.

“I guess you caught me.”

Jet didn’t reply, but brought her to his lips. He pressed his mouth against hers. His tongue delved between her lips and met hers in a sloppy kiss. He took her breath away and pulled in her power all at the same time. She wrapped her hands around his neck, hardly believing that this was happening, that she was in the shower with him when downstairs she hadn’t been sure what she was going to be doing. She broke his kiss and drew in a long breath and wiped the hair from her eyes.

“You’re very naughty to do that.”

She shrugged and nibbled his lip. “I can’t help it. You looked so scrumptious in here and I wanted to feel you. I figured, you had invited me in here so why not take you up on your offer. If you don’t want me here, then I can go back downstairs and wait for the pizza again, unless you’re not hungry.”

He laughed. “Oh, I’m hungry. More than you know. It’s been so long since I’ve had anyone to care about me. But I have to warn you that by accepting me, by making love to me, there are consequences. If you truly don’t want them, then we shouldn’t do this.”

Paget wasn’t sure what he meant, but she knew she didn’t want to let him go. She didn’t want to have to worry about Malik. Jet would do anything to keep her safe. She would still have to figure a way out of her word. She wasn’t going to give up Jet and she could be herself around him. She kissed him once more. “I don’t care. Whatever it is, I want to be with you. It sounds crazy, but I feel that you’re right. We’re supposed to be together. I don’t want to let you go. I don’t want Malik to have any more power over me.”





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