At his pack leader's request, Samuel, pack security agent, accepts an assignment to escort Nia to meet the new Shaman of her bear sleuth at Logan Airport in Boston. Something about Hannia rubs Samuel the wrong way -- he doesn't want Nia alone with the Shaman, and his wolf can't get Nia out of his mind.

Nia's had a crush on Samuel since they were teenagers. She hasn't seen him in years, but now she finds she's still attracted to him -- so her mouth waters just thinking about putting her lips on his. However she needs to look out for her bear clan, not dwell on her desires. Given the chance, her bear would sink its teeth in Samuel's perfect butt. And then there's Hannia, the handsome and mysterious Shaman skinwalker, and his vampire-partner, Ananias. Could she be mate -- to both of them?

Beneath the complex relationships lies a horrible curse Hannia has been running from for centuries. The only way he can break the curse is to kill his mate, but Samuel's wolf is not going to let anything happen to Nia.

As the sparks fly, and the curse awakens, Hannia must make a decision which will change the lives of all four of them.


Misha Rufus is tired of manning the front desk of Shift, Inc. Every time he tries to meet with his brother, Ward, to discuss changing his job, he never appears.

Lark Thomerson has been trying to meet with Ward to discuss their arranged marriage. And yet, Ward’s been ignoring her. On the way out of Shift, Inc., Lark she runs into Kele. One of the men she has been dreaming about, her true mates. The other has not shown his face yet. Her heart sinks. How will this work with her upcoming nuptials to the wolf shifter? Her tiger roars for Kele while she tries to figure out a way to get out of her prearranged marriage.

Kele and Misha have been friends for years, but when Misha reveals they are mates, he can’t accept it. The only one he has seen in his dreams is Lark.

While all three agree to figure out their shared problems of how to deal with their various mates, one question remains. Where is Ward?


Dante Bane wants a night off so his wolf can howl. During his romp, a mysterious stranger joins him for a night of passion. Their encounter leaves Dylan smitten.

Gwen’s stalker has returned and needs his help. Dante enlists the assistance of the owner of Shift, Inc. His uncle brings with him Altan King who captures Dante’s eye. While Dante defends Gwen, he discovers the man he had his midnight tryst with has been under his nose all along.

With danger abound and two men vying for his heart, Dante must protect Gwen and not succumb to his heart’s longings.

Christa has one goal in life -- to search the world's oceans for unidentified wildlife. When she's rescued by a strange sea creature and then watches him shift she knows what she's been searching for is real. Yet when the creature comes to her as a man, she doesn't know if she can give into her heart.

Abraham has given up on finding a mate. After two thousand years, his heart remains cold -- until he feels the warmth of Christa's touch. When she’s injured, he would do anything to save her, even sacrifice his own life. But can he convince her to love him?


Welcome to a business where protection is the guarantee. Sometimes, things go a little awry. Bodyguards find themselves in over their heads, or over their hearts. And even they need a little protecting from themselves.

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