Misha is tired of manning the front desk of Shift, Inc., but when he tries to talk to his brother, Ward, about changing jobs, Ward disappears.

Lark has been trying to meet with Ward to discuss their arranged marriage, but Ward's been ignoring her, as well. As she's leaving Shift, Inc., Lark runs into Kele, one of the men she's been dreaming about, one of her true mates. The other has not shown his face yet. Her tiger roars for Kele while she tries to figure out a way to get out of her prearranged marriage. How can any of this work with her upcoming nuptials to the wolf shifter?

Kele and Misha have been friends for years, but when Misha discloses his vision -- that they are all three mates -- Kele can't accept Misha's revelation. The only one he has seen in his dreams is Lark.

While the three predatory shifters do their best to figure out how to deal with their visions, one question remains.

Where is Ward?







"With Ward missing and Misha's vision, things become a bit chaotic around Shift, Inc with quite a bit of emotional turmoil, some very heated friction between friends and among Misha, Kele and Lark, along with some steamy passion. The reactions to this mating is varied and turbulent, which keeps things quite interesting and exciting while the suspense builds..."
-- 4 Stars from Evampire, The Romance Reviews

Excerpt from "Captive Hearts"

"I've sent him texts, but he doesn't answer me back. It took me a month to get this appointment with him. Damn him!" Misha slammed his fist down on the edge of the desk and the phone jumped out of its cradle.

Carol flinched but gave him a sympathetic look.

Weariness overtook him. He hadn't been sleeping well the past couple of weeks. His dreams were intense and woke him in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. In them he chased another animal bigger than he was. Above him, while he ran, a bird screeched. The sound haunted him, and it was what he woke up to each time. It had run through his mind while he was waiting for Ward. He shook his head and set the phone back in its cradle.

She was about to respond when the phone rang again. She jumped to grab it before whoever hung up. Misha sighed. His wolf stirred within his flesh. Even though he was a hybrid he felt more wolf than he did fox. It wanted to get out and stretch its legs. In the middle of the day, he couldn't do that.

Misha left the office area and headed toward the back of the house where the kitchen and the employee breakroom were located. He turned down the hallway leading to the rear entrance of the building. Before him lay the vast walled garden connecting to the employee parking lot on one side of the walled garden. On the other side were immense acres where he could run. He loved running at night when no one would see him.

Today, Misha walked along the brick walkaway under a large trellis with roses growing over it. He was headed toward the back of the property where not many ventured. The whole thing was perfectly manicured along the edges with plenty of plots of open spaces to race along with wooded areas in the back that were left untouched. It allowed his wolf to hunt a rabbit and bound through the forest at the back lot which also linked into one of the city's many greenways.

As Misha took in the crisp air, his wolf quieted some. His anger did not. If he didn't get his fury under control, he could shift.

This was the kind of behavior he expected from Ward. It just shows he thinks I'm a pup. Maybe he resents my mother. He never interacts with her unless he has to. The man might be the boss, and beloved by many of their clients, but he could be a jackass. Booker was busier than Ward. If Misha called him about something, he answered the phone. If he wasn't available, he made time to call him back. Heck, he made time to call him at least once a month.

Misha passed through an archway carved out of an enormous hedge. He needed a walk to clear his head.

Before him was a stone labyrinth in a circular design. Benches lined the edges of the maze and other vantage points. This made it possible to sit and contemplate the silence and the beauty of the garden. Beyond the maze was the wall. Most of it was covered in ivy or some other creeping, flowering plant.

Buried in the boughs of the trees were bird houses. The little birds were twittering. He watched a cardinal flick from branch to branch while it looked for its mate. The simple action helped him to let go of some of his anger. Misha took in a breath and focused on the path ahead of him. When he was about to step onto the stones, he saw another person walking in the labyrinth.

Wind billowed the blue skirt the woman wore. A whiff of her perfume danced over to his nose. Something fancy with the slight hint of lavender. Her skin was the color of hot chocolate. She was buxom with her grayish blue top stretching over her curves. Her head was down. The ringlets of her hair covered her face as she looked down, concentrating on each step she took. The way she moved was with the grace of a dancer mixed with a large predator. The breeze brought more of her scent to him. Another predator.

The woman took one specific step after another, following the lines until she was about to take a turn. As she did, she lost her footing and wheeled her arms out to regain her balance.

When she looked up, she saw him.

"See something interesting?"

He stifled a laugh and bit his lip. She didn't look embarrassed or disturbed at being caught in her fumble. "Nope. Nothing. Sorry."

Her gaze bored into his eyes, nearly stopping his heart. Misha crossed his arms over his chest as she stalked closer. He couldn't tear his gaze off the sway of her hips. Something jingled as she walked. The glint of silver around her ankle caught his eye. The anklet wrapped around her bare foot. Her toenails were painted the same color red as her mouth. Those tantalizing lips. She said something again, but his mind had gone blank.

"Hey. You hear what I'm saying?" She snapped her fingers in front of his face, pulling him out of his daydream.





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