Christa has one goal in life -- to search the world's oceans for unidentified wildlife. When she's rescued by a strange sea creature and then watches him shift she knows what she's been searching for is real. Yet when the creature comes to her as a man, she doesn't know if she can give into her heart.

Abraham has given up on finding a mate. After two thousand years, his heart remains cold -- until he feels the warmth of Christa's touch. When she’s injured, he would do anything to save her, even sacrifice his own life. But can he convince her to love him?


Excerpt from "Shift, Inc. : Reviving  the Dragon"

A quick jab startled him. It took Abraham a moment to realize he remained underwater. He shook the sleep off. His dragon had returned to the back of his mind. It remained on the outside of his consciousness. He moved toward the surface so he could get closer to land. It was time for him to return to human form. Closer to the surface, the seas had not calmed yet as the end of the storm still raged. The buzz of a boat's engine got closer.

Something about the engine sounded off. He tried to dive out of the way, but it came at him too quickly. A propeller hit his back. Abraham winced at the vibration of impact, if not at the pain. He raised his head above the water in time to see the boat flip. The three occupants fell into the water. His instinct said to let them drown. If not, they would see his true form.

His eyes locked onto a flailing woman.

Something in his heart twisted. I can't let these people die. Even if they see me, they can't drown.

He swam toward the three people in the water. Two swam and another floated. The shore was a half a mile away. An easy swim for him, but not for the people who were injured.

Blood spread through the water. If he rose up too quickly, he would terrify the already thrashing mortals. He had to approach them slowly to get one to trust him. To do that, he had to touch one.

Abraham glided through the water under the female's feet. He brushed his head along her soles. A zap hit him as the connection formed. Terror flooded his mind. He shoved it aside because it belonged to her. He formed an image of what he looked like and sent it along the link they shared. He formed a weak link with her. He hoped it would stick. Her mind calmed some. She had stopped flailing in the water.

Abraham sent another picture of himself and a soothing current to her. He touched her leg this time. She didn't pull away. He raised his head above the water and met her gaze.

Her mouth formed an O. He snorted. "Put the injured one on my back. Both of you climb on behind him and hold on."

"Christa, what the fuck is that? Oh my God, it's a shark. Fuck. It's going to eat Jerry." A male tried to escape Abraham.

"I won't hurt you. If you want to save your friend, you must do as I said."

The man tugged at Christa's arm, but he couldn't fight the waves and keep his friend afloat. Abraham sent another current of tranquility and trust to the woman. Christa.

"Shut up, Tom. He's not going to hurt us. Help me get Jerry up on his back."

"No fucking way."

"Fine. You can swim back to shore." Christa hauled Jerry onto Abraham's back and climbed on behind him. He glanced over at Tom. Something about the man didn't sit well with him. His panic-stricken expression didn't ease as he moved out of sight.

He felt them all slide onto his back. Christa remained anxious, but was also calmer. He sped off toward the shore when he figured they were all on. The strong current made it difficult to cut through the water even with his affinity for swimming.

Once he got past it, he arrived at the shore. He pulled himself up onto the sand, the wet sand sliding under his claws. His passengers pulled their companion onto the sand.

"Get him on his side. Make sure he's breathing," Christa demanded of Tom.

Through their bond, he could feel her take charge and sense her concern for the wounded man. Because of that, he knew he had to help the man to be sure he would make it. He took in a deep breath and released the beast, willing himself into human form. His scales softened and returned to human skin. His form shank. He groaned as he rolled his shoulders.

Once he stood before them naked, he ignored their stares. Abraham knelt down by Jerry. He touched his forehead. A jolt ran up his arms. A sharp pain jabbed his side and his head throbbed. Jerry's injuries. He had a head wound, a punctured lung, and internal bleeding.

"Get the fuck away from him," Tom tried to pry him off Jerry.

Abraham growled at the annoying man.

"Can you save him?" Christa knelt beside him.

"How do you know I can?" he asked her.

"I'm not entirely sure. But I know you can." She touched his shoulder.

A pleasurable zing raced along his nerves. Abraham pushed it away and focused on the limp man. "I'll do what I can, but take your friend and move back so I can work." Abraham concentrated on the limp man. He placed his right hand first on the top of Jerry's head. He closed his eyes and gathered his energy. The white healing energy shot down his spine. It branched out to all the fracture points until it strengthened Jerry's golden aura. The internal bleeding stopped. Bones knitted together. The use of his energy barely taxed him, because the injuries were easier to fix.

Their friend opened his eyes when he took his hand away. Abraham looked up. Christa stared at him. Questions filled her eyes, but he didn't dare answer them.





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