Dante Bane wants a night off so his wolf can howl. During his romp, a mysterious stranger joins him for a night of passion. Their encounter leaves Dante smitten.

Gwen’s stalker has returned and needs his help. Dante enlists the assistance of the owner of Shift, Inc. His uncle brings with him Altan King who captures Dante’s eye. While Dante defends Gwen, he discovers the man he had his midnight tryst with has been under his nose all along.

With danger abound and two men vying for his heart, Dante must protect Gwen and not succumb to his heart’s longings.







Excerpt from "Shift, Inc. : Wolf's Bane"

Dante rolled his shoulders. All he needed was to get to the nearest running spot a few blocks away. The shifters had certain parks they kept guarded and free of humans and derelicts so others could run whenever they wanted. It was one of the small arrangements the shifter council had agreed upon in the city. Keeping the greenspace was important to those shifters who lived within the hustle and bustle, and couldn't escape into the open countryside to run.

The night reached out to welcome him in a velvet caress as he walked the few blocks to the park. He slipped through the heavy iron gate which closed off the park from the rest of the world. The private garden was large enough for him to run in, but it wouldn't give him the pure freedom he craved. For that he needed to go to the camp his uncle's pack owned in the mountains. It was good enough for tonight to release the wolf. Dante glanced up at the silver moon as a black cloud passed over the disk.

The darkness concealed him, so he could unleash the beast. He stripped his clothes, folded them neatly on the bench, and felt the heat of the shift. Sweat drenched his body as he stretched and fell to the ground. This was the only part he hated about switching his shape. The initial pain of breaking every bone in his body so the wolf could be free. If any non-shifter saw him, they would think he was having a seizure or a contortionist had escaped from the circus. His fingers stretched. His nails curled to thicken into claws. His vertebrae crackled like popping corn in a microwave. The agony of his reforming muscles was quickly washed away as Dante settled into his other form. The wolf. Once it lifted its nose to the sky and howled its existence to the world, his animal mind took over, keeping the more rational side always alert to the threat of discovery even in the sanctuaries they were given.

Dante sprinted across the park, catching the faint trails of other shifters. He leapt and stretched his legs until his sides heaved from the exertion. He howled at the moon and paid homage to it until it had crossed the sky and hung low in the horizon. Dante lay in the grass, rolling around on his back, trying to get to the perpetual itch he could never get, when the breeze pushed the scent of another shifter toward him.

He stopped rolling and stilled on all fours on his stomach, ears perked and alert. Dante lifted his snout and sniffed the wind. The shifter had an intoxicating aroma he hadn't caught before. It was so strong that it enticed him to follow. He stalked the musky odor until he came to the bushes. Dante spied a man, about seven feet tall, lean but muscular, with olive skin glistening in the moonlight. His brown hair hung down his shoulders. His toned ass made Dante stop and examine him more, wondering what his cock looked like.

"I know you're there. I caught your scent. I've watched you dance under the moon." His voice was like silk against Dante's skin, with a low resonance that shivered his insides. "Forgive me for not announcing myself as is the custom, but you were so spectacular, I couldn't take my eyes off you."

Dante willed himself to human form. The man had still not faced him. Scars striped the stranger's back. White marks showed the torture this man had endured for someone's pleasure. "Who are you? Turn around."

"No, my lord. I can't reveal myself to you."

That voice. It nearly made him moan. This other man's words aroused him so much Dante thought about claiming the other man's ass. But then the words struck him. "Lord? I'm no lord."

The other turned his face enough until Dante glimpsed the sharpness of his profile. "But you are. One of the pack, one of lords of the forest. I am here to serve you." He bowed his head slightly.

"I don't know what you're getting at. This is a little strange..."

"You can't deny that you want to fuck me. That the sound of my voice drives you wild. That your prick is already engorged with the thought of dominating me."

What the other man said was true. His voice had Dante hypnotized. His scent drove his wolf wild. Dante wanted to fuck this man, no questions asked, no strings attached. He wanted it messy and sweaty. He wanted the stranger clawing at him and screaming his name. The mere image contracted his balls. "Yes," he forced out. "God, help me. I want you."

"As it is my duty, I am here to pleasure you. I ask one request for this, my lord."

Every time this stranger called him, my lord, Dante thought he would come. It was as though with those two words the man had his lips wrapped around his cock and sucked him dry. "Anything."





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