Whoever thought a glass slipper would change my life?

When the prince showed up at our doorstep with a glass slipper in hand, my life was turned upside down. My sister got prince charming and I was stuck being the witch in the story. As my sister’s wedding approached, I was ripped from my beloved forest to help her with the upcoming nuptials. With boredom setting in, I was rescued from my ennui by my knight, Shale.

Shale whisked me away into the Dark Wood where I had to face the fae. It only got worse because when I returned, the king fell dead, Shale disappeared, and everyone blamed me. I ran from the palace back into fae to give up my magic. But I couldn't ignore the power forever, because something was brewing between the fae and the real world. When I ventured out to see what it was, I found myself caught in a war between my sister and the fairies. Things weren't going so well and I was the only one who could stop it. And all I wanted to do was live happily ever after with my knight in shining armor. [EXCERPT]

For the past two years, Pricilla Weaver has been haunted by guilt and nightmares of her dead fiance. Deciding to get away, she books a vacation to New Orleans . However, once she gets to the hotel, her plans go awry. Her hotel lost her reservation so she's forced to get a room at a local bed and breakfast. When she arrives there, things start to get a little strange.

Anton has been under a curse for over a century. He desperately yearns to free his sister who was imprisoned by the same voodoo priestess. However, when he meets Pricilla, he see past her nightmares and desires to help her.

Will Pricilla break Anton's curse? Will she ever be free of her nightmares? Or will the voodoo priestess catch up to them both?  [EXCERPT]

For the past two months, Tabby’s been dreaming of a luscious man who changes forms every time she closes her eyes. He’s a vampire, then he’s a werewolf. He’s whatever she desires, but only in her dreams. Then one day she hears his voice outside of her dreams. What is he? Why does she crave his touch?

It’s only when he reveals his true nature that she understands how much danger she’s truly in. He’s not the angel Tabby thought he was. He’s something far worse--a daemon who feeds off of souls. And her soul is next on the menu.  [EXCERPT]

Jan has spent her life among books until one night everything changes. She's dragged into the realm of fairy only to discover there are assassins after her because she is the next heir to the throne. She comes to trust her guide in the fey world, Corin.

As Jan learns more about her heritage, her affection for Corin grows. Sent on a quest to prove she is the rightful heir, Jan faces her worst enemies. Kidnapped and dragged to the enemy's castle, Jan must figure out a way to escape.

With enemies looming, Jan must look at options at hand. Her heart yearns for one man, but is it for the good of the kingdom? Who will she choose?  [EXCERPT]
Melina was driven into the arms of her vampire and werewolf mates. Her brother arrives one day to drag her back to her coven. While protecting those she loves, one of her mates falls, leaving her heartbroken. With her brother dead, she uses all her power to hide herself and those she loves from the family who banished her. But using her power unleashes the darkness inside of her soul.

For the next two years, she struggles to mend the rift with her mate. In walks Tannin to bring her to the family she has never known. Learning about her past, she discovers that she's more than a witch. Her attraction to Tannin grows while she learns what the darkness truly is in her soul.

Tannin craves her touch. But he doesn't know if he can open his heart after all the loss he's suffered. He must protect Melina at all costs. Taking a chance, he allows himself to give into the attraction between them. To do that, he also has to accept the other men in her life and be there when she returns to her coven and unleashes the darkness in her soul. [EXCERPT]

Gracelan has dreams of being a world class fashion designer. She receives an inheritance from her aunt that lets her pursue the dream. At the house, she discovers an odd request, to bring libatations to a clearing on the property and introduce herself. Thinking the demand a little silly, she does it anyway.

The next morning Gracelan notices a gift on her back porch. When she repeats the ceremony the second night, a handsome stranger knocks at her door only to return the basket she had brought to the meadow. Intrigued by the visitor, Gracelan learns Lorian is a fae and he wants her more than anything. Drawn to him beyond any other man, it isn't until she uncovers her secret past that they can be together.  [EXCERPT]
Mirabelle marries Charles and soon discovers he's a philandering prick, but that's not his only secret. After he leaves her alone in their chateaux to attend to his business affairs, she encounters a ghost hunting game in the woods.

Hunter know Charles quite well and is happy enough to reveal his old friend's dark side in exchange for Mirabelle's affections. [EXCERPT]

Lydia Tempris had a brush with death and returned to tell the tale. Instead of seeing a white light, she was escorted by two cloaked figures. Months later she happens upon them once more, but before she can ask them any questions, they disappear.

Kiernan and Joshua are lovers and grim reapers. Together they escort certain souls to the other side. Whenever Lydia shows up, they both have a gut twisting reaction to her. One day, she catches them off guard. Kiernan wants nothing to do with her, but Joshua has been intrigued with her since day one. Defying his lover, Joshua visits her and answers her questions only to find himself attracted to her. Kiernan tries to fight his feelings for Lydia, but in the end he realizes he needs her in his life.

With Halloween approaching, Lydia finds herself falling for both grim reapers. Her best friend has been cooking something up that will shatter everything Lydia knows. Kiernan and Joshua will do anything to save the woman they love even risk their very souls. [EXCERPT]





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