Gracelan has dreams of being a world class fashion designer. She receives an inheritance from her aunt that lets her pursue the dream. At the house, she discovers an odd request, to bring libatations to a clearing on the property and introduce herself. Thinking the demand a little silly, she does it anyway.

The next morning Gracelan notices a gift on her back porch. When she repeats the ceremony the second night, a handsome stranger knocks at her door only to return the basket she had brought to the meadow. Intrigued by the visitor, Gracelan learns Lorian is a fae and he wants her more than anything. Drawn to him beyond any other man, it isn't until she uncovers her secret past that they can be together.


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Excerpt from "Fae Dreams"

When I opened my eyes again, I thought it was morning. Birds were chirping and sunlight streamed through the trees. I was at the end of the path by the table. When I looked down I was wearing a thin blue nightie. The air was warm and the scent of jasmine lingered on the breeze.
“Hello, Gracelan.”
I spun around and saw Lorian leaning against the tree. He was tan in the light with a glittery quality to his skin. My breath stopped in my throat when I saw him. He was beautiful. His lips were twisted into a breathtaking smile and it took all my will to stand my ground and not go to him.
“What do you want?”
“You.” He beckoned me over to him, wiggling his finger at me.
I tried to stop myself from going to him, but it seemed I had lost all my will power. He had control over me. This place was his to command and so was I. I knew it was a dream, but I wasn’t going to force myself to wake up. All of me desired to see where this would lead.
“Why me?” I stood a few inches from him.
He reached up and flipped the hair from my shoulder. His long finger traced my cheek then my lip. “I have my reasons. Tell me to leave and I will. Tell me you desire me and I’ll infuse you with a passion you’ve never known before.”
My thoughts were muddled. He was giving me a choice. Part of me shouted to wake up, but it was a small part. Mostly I yearned to be ravaged by him. I stood on tiptoe and brushed my lips across his which were infused with a subtle hint of vanilla. Lorian slid his arms around my waist and pulled my closer to him. His fingers rested on the top of my ass and moved lower until he gripped the cheeks firmly, the evidence of his arousal resting against my thigh. I bit his lip and thrust my tongue into his mouth. I let my hands side over his chest, between us until I cupped his cock. At that moment, he broke the kiss and lifted me up. A small squeal left my lips as he sat me on the table.
Lust burned in his eyes. He captured my lips and gripped my breasts. A feeling of haste and need overwhelmed me. I yanked down his pants and licked my lips at the sight of such a magnificent dick. I tried to stroke it more, but he growled and wrenched up my camisole exposing me to the cool air. With Lorian kneading my breasts, I pushed into him until he pinched my nipples and I cried out. The blaze he ignited in me needed to be fanned.
One hand left my breast while the other wrapped through my hair. Lorian pulled my head back so I could look into his eyes.
“Do you want me?”
I nodded.
“Say it.”





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